Auditing and Assurance Services

We provide services in auditing, finance and advisory matters. Amongst these services are:
»Provision of financial audit including statutory audits,
»Program audits, Information technology audits,
» Performance audits,
»Operation audits,
» Due diligence reviews related to the acquisition,
»sale, mergers and valuation of companies and businesses,
»Development or assistance to the internal audit function.
Tax Advisory

Our approach to tax planning encompasses the entire spectrum of direct, indirect and personal taxes. We provide quality business oriented national and international advice. Our experienced tax professionals are drawn from various backgrounds with industry specialization, service line expertise together with advanced training that equips them to work with our clients and be their professional tax advisors in a wide spectrum.

Public Financial Management

We offer a range of consulting in the Public Sector Financial Management Reforms Area in the following:
» Review of Public Sector Financial Management Systems
» Preparation of Financial Statements
» National Budget classifications
» Government financial procedures
» Design and implementation of Financial Management Systems

Financial Advisory

Our firm offers financial advisory services which include but are not limited to the following:
»Design and development of finance functions,
»Preparation and development of accounting manuals for different departments, entities, and organizations,
»Review of financial, internal and security controls in a computerized environment,
»Financial investigations and forensic audits
»Wealth management and advisory services

Baseline surveys and research

Research forms a basis for innovation and invention. JIM ROBERTS offers support in base line surveys and Research Services which include but are not limited to the following, in addition to our other portfolio of services:
» Social research
»Baseline surveys/Studies
»Operational and business research
»Needs assessment

Monitoring and Evaluation

We offer monitoring and evaluation services especially to determine whether intended project or organizational objectives for specific activities have been met. Our Monitoring and evaluation model is based on the application of evaluation standards to the basic log frame as indicated here above in the picture
Risk Consulting Services

As the business and regulatory environment continues evolve, organisations face unprecedented regulatory scrutiny, emerging and systemic risks that can be challenge traditional strategies and assumptions. Our Risk consulting partners and professionals can help over turn risk and compliance efforts into opportunities to drive sustainable business value.

Capacity Building and Training

The challenge of all organizational managers is to recruit the best people, for the right jobs, train them, motivate them and retain them. Our firm recognizes the importance human resources play in attaining the desired results in any organizational situation.
Training and Capacity Building
Under this service line, we offer the following services:
»Training in ICT based skills i.e. Computer based packages, Microsoft Offices packages, Statistical packages,
Accounting packages and selected financial management and audit areas.
» Training in budgeting, output based budgeting, devolved budgets, Accounting, economics, performance measurement, taxation etc.
»Training in business, economic, and finance courses for managers.

Project management

We offer project management services with a proven track record in the successful implementation of international projects especially involving the implementation of enterprise-wide resource management systems. Our staff are affiliated to the worldwide leader in project management activities – the Project Management Institute. We apply well tested project management tools, techniques and project planning tools like PRINCE, MS Project in the project management activities.We offer services as project managers to:
»Execute projects;
» Monitor and regularly review project progress in terms of accountability;
»Planning and re-planning consisting of periodic review, refining

Information and Communication Technology

At JIM ROBERTS, we offer ICT services that add value to clients. We partner with IT service and goods providers to deliver resilient solutions. We provide highly specialized ICT Services in the following areas: »ICT Training and capacity building
»Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Technologies
»Design and development of systems
»Information technology, communications and information systems consulting
»Back office operations – running applications on behalf of clients
»Outsourcing components of systems Infrastructure design and maintenance


To ensure that JIM ROBERTS provides highest quality of these services to its clients the firm’s method of work is characterized by; Audit planning where we spend time in effectively planning the audit before launching into fieldwork to ensure that the audit is efficient and adequately addresses the key risk areas. Through proper planning of our work we ensure the following are met. We also have coordination and constant communication with our clients through issuing management letters, holding regular meetings among other things.